One EcoDistrict management area is Community Identity. This covers:

  • Creating beautiful and accessible places that promote interaction.
  • Fostering social networks that are inclusive, flexible and cohesive.
  • Developing local governance with the leadership and capacity to act on behalf of the neighborhood.
Photo by Steven Miller Photography.

Photo by Steven Miller Photography.

Undoubtedly, one of APGD’s greatest strengths is its unique community identity.

Community building assets include the APGD Main Street program, Stardust Video and Coffee, IDEAS for Us and East End Market.

Vibrant cultural events and gatherings are a strong part of our identity. Zombietoberfest, Kidsfest, Bastille Day and our monthly Cult TV Trivia nights are all free and within walking distance for most community members.

Though APGD lacks a formal community center, Stardust Video and Coffee has acted as an unofficial community center for years. This charming, beautiful, eclectic bar/restaurant has freely offered space over the years to a wide range of community groups and actions.

IDEAS for Us, headquartered in APGD, is a U.N. recognized nonprofit dedicated to sustainability initiatives. It is the umbrella organization of Hive, a monthly Think/Do Tank held at East End Market. Hive is aimed at addressing global challenges through local solutions to advance sustainability throughout Central Florida.

East End Market offers free outdoor music with its Saturday Serenades series. Held the first and third Saturdays of every month, East End Market is easily accessible to community members by walking and bicycling.

Opportunities to hone our community identity include improving the physicality of our public space and more community outreach to surrounding areas.