Healthy communities provide access to safe and functional local recreation and natural areas; access to healthy, local and affordable food; ensure safe and connected streets; expand economic opportunities to support a socially and economically diverse population; and improve indoor and outdoor air quality.


The weekly Audubon Park Community Farmers Market is a great opportunity to meet local farmers and try organic food produced in Central Florida, as well as Florida seafood.

Our partners at Fleet Farming are another source of fresh, quality food, grown right here in Orlando, Florida. It is available at the Audubon Park Community Market and Local Roots.

To encourage transportation options, bike racks are available throughout the area, in addition to two Juice Bike stations – one is located at East End Market and the other at Audubon Place Condominiums.

Opportunities for improving wellbeing include planting more trees for air quality and partnering with Fleet Farming to encourage more farmlettes.