APGD Welcomes: O’Neil, Lee & West

O’Neil, Lee & West’s Insurance agency has been serving Orlando’s communities since 1917. A family owned, independent agency, O’Neil, Lee & West are a hyper-local agency. The agency is committed to providing Orlando families and businesses with personal service that mainstream insurance agencies can not offer. No gimmicks or salesmen can compete with a company that is genuinely invested in the community.

A Brief History: Nellie O’Neil, one of Orlando’s first women entrepreneurs,  helped found the company back in 1917. Eventually partnering with Donald Lee (Thomas G. Lee’s brother), they formed O’Neil and Lee in 1938. Eventually Al West joined O’neil and Lee, and became president. Over the sixties and seventies West purchased shares from O’Neil and Lee becoming the sole proprietor. Today O’Neil, Lee and West is owned by Matt West.

O’Neil, Lee, and West strive to develop character within their organization, and apply the knowledge, and experience gained from more than 90 years of service to their daily practice. Providing actionable service, and real solutions to the businesses, and communities they serve. Their pledge is to create maximum value and bring the wisdom of experience to every client. An agency devoted to their relationship with Orlando’s communities, O’Neil, Lee, and West recognize their clients by name, rather than policy number.