Audubon Park Elementary Informational Meeting

blanknerfrontDistrict Six School Board Representative, Nancy Robbinson, will host a community meeting February 19th at 6:30 pm to discuss the possibilities of reconstruction for the original site. This meeting will be in the cafeteria of the temporary Audubon Park school in Baldwin Park at 1750 Common Way Road, Orlando, FL 32814.

Currently the original Audubon Park Elementary on Falcon Drive is being used as a swing school while Lake Silver Elementary is renovated. This will be the last year the Falcon property will be used as a swing site. After Lake Silver moves out at the end of the school year this spring, the property will be shuttered. OCPS may level the buildings there now, to reduce opportunities for vandalism and for general sightliness. In the meantime it will receive a sign indicating that a new school will be built there.

When it is rebuilt for Audubon Park Elementary, it will either be a K5 or a K8. OCPS has the money set aside blankner windowsfor a K5, but seeks to build a K8 to alleviate overcrowding at Glenridge Middle School. This can only happen if, in the fall, voters countywide approve an extension of the half penny sales tax for school renovations.

Right now, the plans for the new Audubon Park Elementary call for a Blankner Elementary-style build out. This is the current model OCPS is using. See more photos here. There will be the latest in technology and more onsite parking to bring it up to modern parking code, among many other updates. If it becomes a K8, there will be still more parking, along with a gymnasium, which can be used by the community after school hours as a rental. The downside for some parents may be that the new K8 does not have a pre-IB program. Additionally, the current (old) site still possesses a proper art room, with a sink, work tables, storage and the like. Anyone interested in an art program may want to address this to ensure that this kind of facility is maintained with the new design.

If all goes according to plan, the new Audubon Park Elementary School will reopen on Falcon Drive in the fall of 2017. The entire staff from the temporary Audubon Park Elementary location in Baldwin Park will transfer back to the Falcon location, while students zoned for Audubon Park Elementary will move to the Falcon school. Students zoned for Baldwin Park will remain in the Baldwin Park location, which will become (for the first time) Baldwin Park Elementary School.

blankner patioIn between now and fall 2017 there will be public meetings and discussion on the size of the school, design and build out. The upcoming meeting in Baldwin Park will be just the first of many along the way.