Audubon Park Garden District Applies to Become Certified Wildlife Habitat

national-wildlife-federation-logoThe Audubon Park Garden District wants to promote the creation and conservation of wildlife habitats through community-wide collaboration and public education. We are building a thoughtful and healthy urban environment for people and wildlife, right down to our pollinators.

To that end, we have become part of the National Wildlife Federation’s Certified Wildlife Habitat™ program. This project benefits the entire community through education and outreach, promoting the use of native plants and landscaping to develop natural habitats that attract wildlife, birds and pollinators, with little or no fertilizer and minimal watering.

Everyone can play an important part, no matter how large or small their garden may be.

To read more about the National Wildlife Federation’s habitat program, check out their website here.

For more information on the Audubon Park Garden District’s program, please email us at