Elan Apartments at Audubon Park

Screen shot 2014-03-19 at 2.13.37 PMElan at Audubon Park is bringing upscale apartments to the Audubon Park Garden District area. Located adjacent to the Koger business center near Target on Maguire Boulevard and behind Plaza Terrace Drive, Elan at Audubon Park will feature multiple, multi-story apartment buildings. It will feature 450 luxury units across 20 acres of land.

According to the developers (Charlan Brock & Associates- Architects & Planners):

“The purpose of these design criteria is to create a sense of place, establish a public and private realm, improve walkability, reduce the dominance of the automobile, and integrate larger projects into a neighborhood scale”. 

Elan at Audubon Park will also feature environmentally friendly landscaping. Trees that are not invasive or exotic will remain on the property. In addition, plants surrounding the retention ponds’ littoral zones  will be 100% native. The community playgrounds will feature flora that attract butterflies.

The latter phase of the complex’s development strategy focuses on improving community functionality.

A similar apartment style by CBA.
A similar apartment style by CBA.

More bike paths and sidewalks will be integrated into surrounding areas. Luckily, accessibility to the largely hidden Lake Druid Park will be improved.

Plans to develop apartments on vacant land were presented to City Council March 18th, and are currently pending approval. City Council plans to rule on the proposition by (or before) April 14th.

Elan apartments have been developed in other cities – examples can be seen here.