Everthing You Wanted to Know About Bumby, But Didn’t Know How to Ask.


I attended a meeting at Orlando City Hall yesterday for an update on the Bumby infrastructure project. It was informative and helpful so let’s get right to it with an update.

1. What is the state of the project right now?

On schedule. The contractor completed lining the sewer pipes “a couple of weeks ago” and has been working through the punch list since then. Starting Friday, June 12, they will begin milling the road from Rosedale Road to Oregon Street (the south half of the project), basically pulverizing the asphalt in place, then tamping it back down. This is a stable surface for the construction vehicles to drive on, but soft enough the allow for excavation, as they will next begin laying water line next week. Much of the work up until now has taken place under the road’s surface, accessed through the manhole covers, but now they need greater access underground, so you will be seeing more activity.

2. What are the work hours?

Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

3. If the road will be done in two phases, north and south, why was the whole road closed at once?

To keep quiet neighborhood streets, like Oregon, from becoming part of a detour pattern that would funnel hundreds of cars a day past houses. This way east/west cut through and commuter traffic is kept on Colonial and off of narrow residential streets.

4. You mentioned digging up Bumby, what about the holes they create?

Holes dug during the day to lay water line will be back hoed every afternoon for safety.

5. Speaking of safety, why was OPD out on Bumby recently, seemingly to monitor barricades?

The barricades need to remain in place, for safety purposes, yet people (cars or pedestrians) have been moving them. OPD was out recently as part of an enforcement strategy. Basically, don’t move the barricades, so OPD can spend their time in more effective ways.

6. I’ve been using Hampton now, but the light at Hampton is too short and I have to sit through a few cycles before I can get through the red light.

Traffic extended the timing on April 20 to prevent this.

7. But it’s still bad! I need more time.

Traffic is sending someone out to lengthen the signal timing again. If you notice that this still doesn’t provide enough time to get through the intersection, let Michelle Brennan, Director of Communications and Neighborhood Relations know and they’ll address it again. Phone: 407.246.3104, Email:

8. What if I have any more questions or issues?

Michelle Brennan is happy to help answer any questions or point you in the right direction, so feel free to reach out.

9. How will we get further updates?

In addition to reaching out directly to the City if you like, the City’s neighborhood division is working more closely with the Orlando Main Street programs (hey, that’s us!) and we’ll be attending quarterly meetings, as well as receiving updates that we will share with everyone.

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