Houndstooth Sauce Company inside APGD
Houndstooth Sauce Company offers soups, sandwiches, and salads, in addition to locally made BBQ sauces.

Houndstooth Sauce Company (3201 Corrine Drive Orlando, FL) features handcrafted sauces and homemade soups, savory salads, tacos and delectable sandwiches, along with a great beer and wine selection.

Houndstooth Sauce Company also offers a fresh and flavorful line of handcrafted sauces, marinades, dressings, rubs and glazes.  Their signature sauces are Houndstooth's Red BBQ sauce and their Alabama inspired White BBQ sauce. For once, you are being encouraged to double dip; these sauces are better together!

Houndstooth Sauce Company is conveniently located inside East End Market in the award winning Audubon Park Garden District.


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